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About us  

that is a boutique consultancy specialised in aviation strategy & tactics consultation.

and its consultants having three decades hands-on experience in P-, VP- and C-Level aviation management consulting in a variety of aviation strategy and tactics projects. Cost optimization was in most cases an important task. 

Aviation strategy consulting is about providing advice on how to improve airlines businesses and how to make tough business decisions.

Strategy consulting can be loosely defined as assisting senior executives with pressing issues. 

Strategy consultancies generally work with clients to shape their outlook and direction, as opposed to working within existing structures to achieve operational improvement.

Our difference: 


  • also offer the tactical realization of your strategy.
  • achieve your strategy, advise with which tools, which resources, what to do when.
  • are working with existing structures, shape them for a sustainable future.

Get ahead to the top. Today.  

Thinking. Ahead. Strategy & Tactics